Jane Parmel is a Business Coach focusing on Business Efficiency and Profit Acceleration. She is an experienced entrepreneur, working in the Event Management & Logistic industries for over 25 years.

In addition to a Master of Science degree in Teacher Education, Jane holds a Graduate Certificate in Management Consulting, a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative.  

Jane is also a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach, collaborating with clients to curate their niche, polish their signature systems and create a plan to market these to their audience.

Jane served as a Global Business Connector for Women Speakers Association where she provides resources and a platform for women’s voices. She continues that work through her podcasts, “Phenomenal Message Makers” and “The Right Room”. 

As a speaker, Jane’s presentations focus on resilience and authenticity for business as well as non-profit audiences. A writer and author, her work has appeared in Brainz Magazine where she is a Senior Executive Contributor, on the blogs The-Right-Room.com and AVividImagination.com, and in the collaborative book “Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise & Make a Difference”.  

Jane has held many different jobs throughout the years and brings many lessons learned from them to how she interacts with her clients, their staff, and their clients as well. She is not afraid to take on the role of “worker” as well as that of “owner” and loves the connections that she can make from the maintenance staff and the CEO, just the same. Serving on the board of many community, religious and business organizations, she has always helped bring business competitors together to learn, work and create strong networks that get things done.  

A native of Astoria, New York, she and her wife, Rae, have been enjoying life in the New York’s Rockaway section of Queens since 2015. Their Cocker Spaniel puppy, Cooper, is a constant partner for walks on the beach, jumps in the pool and standing in the kitchen praying food hits the floor when they are cooking!

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